Description of the EURC architecture.


A user is anyone who has successfully created an account in order to send or recieve cross border payments and to trade in crypto currencies.

Mobile app

The mobile app is the user facing component of the architecture

The mobile app allows a user to perform the following tasks.

  • Registration

  • Authentication

  • Verification

  • Purchase or redeem EURC using the Euro fiat currency

  • Purchase EURC using crypto currency

  • Store, send and recieve crypto currency

  • Make cross border payments using EURC

  • Earn EURC by participating in EURC liquidity pools

EURC Liquidity Pool: EURC liquidity pools allow you to earn EURC. Click below to find out more about liquidity pools.

pageLiquidity Pools


Cuttlefish is the proprietary MYKOBO platform. By design Cuttlefish keeps the domains of responsibility separate using micro-services.

Cuttlefish handles:

  • User management

  • Business logic

  • Transactions ledger

  • Liquidity pools

  • Security


Developers are able to access services using the API.

Stellar blockchain

Cuttlefish is built to be well integrated into the Stellar blockchain.


Cuttlefish is integrated to a provider of KYC and AML solutions.


Cuttlefish is integrated to a provider of banking servces.

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