A summary of the EURC Whitepaper.

Cross border payments currently take too long and cost too much. The adoption of EURC can fix this problem.

MYKOBO is a pioneering blockchain technology company with a mission to make cross border payments cheaper, faster, simple and transparent.

The EURC stablecoin issued by MYKOBO on the Stellar blockchain is at the heart of this mission and MYKOBO intends for EURC to power the future of cross border payments.

The MYKOBO mobile app provides an easy and secure environment to buy, sell, store, trade and send crypto currency. MYKOBO users are also able to exchange EURC for supported fiat currencies as well as participate in liquidity pools and earn rewards for powering the EURC ecosystem.

With a background in software development and Fintech the core team are equipped to deliver on this ambitious vision with the support of other seasoned entrepreneurs.

A transaction fee is charged for send, buy and sell transactions carried out on the platform. The app will initially only support individual users but will evolve to support business users as well.

MYKOBO intends to process approximately 153,000 transactions in the first year of full operation.

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