Jordan Harry

Head of Marketing

With a wealth of experience spanning over a decade, Jordan has consistently excelled in communicating brand stories and driving rapid expansion.

One of Jordan's notable achievements includes his captivating TEDx talk titled "How to Read a Book a Day," which has garnered an impressive viewership of 3,000,000.

Throughout his career, Jordan has collaborated with exceptional brands, ranging from prestigious FTSE 500 companies like Unilever to innovative De-Fi projects and influential figures in the crypto sphere.

His network and expertise within the financial sector make him a valuable asset for any organisation seeking to establish a strong presence in the investment landscape. He is an avid student of stoicism, continually exploring its philosophical principles to enhance his mindset and decision-making abilities.

Additionally, Jordan finds solace in practicing mixed martial arts, a discipline that fuels his determination and resilience. Jordan's personal life is equally dynamic, as he recently proposed to a Brazilian woman. In his quest to forge a deeper connection with her culture, he has taken on the challenging task of learning Portuguese.

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