Jamie Slaats

Head of Operations

Jamie has been in the industry for over 15 years. His experience covers revenue operations, sales, business development and business operations at organisations such as MSC Software, HP Software, HPE Software and also Micro Focus.

These days Jamie is a published author and entrepreneur focused on strategy, business consulting, web3 and digital asset management which includes, research, analysis, and trading of the crypto markets. His most recent venture is the setup of a boutique digital asset management fund managing a variety of digital assets for private investors and he is bringing this experience to the EURC project.

Jamie studied Business Administration with specialties in International Finance and Accounting as well as International Marketing and Management. In addition to being a Certified Cryptocurrency Trader he is also a certified Full Stack Web Developer.

His passions are fintech, the future of finance, economics, writing, the great outdoors and most importantly, people. In typical Jamie fashion he was on the social committee for the International Student Association at Groningen.

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